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The Mary M. B. Wakefield Charitable Trust is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Code. We depend on the support of people who value our mission to provide quality experiences and opportunities to learners of all ages. Please consider supporting our work with a generous contribution. All contributions to the trust are deductible for federal income tax purposes. To view our most recent audited financial statements, click here.

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Mary M. B. Wakefield Charitable Trust, 1465 Brush Hill Road, Milton, MA 02186

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Please contact Gordon C. Barrett, Trustee,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you wish to contribute securities in lieu of cash.

For more information about the mission and work of the Mary M. B. Charitable Trust, please contact Mark Smith, Executive Director.

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The Wakefield Giving Tree

 Each ornament on the Wakefield Giving Tree represents an item or service for which we seek donations.  Your support – whether you can donate the entire amount or a portion of the item’s cost – directly benefits our mission of education and community enrichment. In addition to individual items, there are “volunteer” ornaments for those interested in working with us to fulfill our mission.  This holiday season,  please consider taking an ornament home and mailing your contribution to the Wakefield Estate.

Checks can be made payable to: Wakefield Charitable Trust /1465 Brush Hill Rd. / Milton, MA  02186

Bus Load of School Kids- $300 each. Our goal is 10 buses. In order for school groups to visit the Wakefield Estate, transportation must be provided.  If we sponsor more buses, more  students  can visit the Estate and experience a wonderful hands- on learning experience.

School Trip Snacks - $35. Healthy snacks for school trips.

Pond Package – $100. Instructor- ($30) and student nets($40; 5 @$8) plus leopard frog tadpoles and/or dragonfly larva and 2 Macro lens ($15 each)- increases the students understanding of lifecycles in the natural environment.

Beneficial Bugs – $100. Praying Mantis cases and Lady Beetles are beneficial insects that feed on predators and invasive species.

Wild Bird Seed Bundle - $100. Polly Wakefield was always interested in attracting wildlife to her landscape. We continue that tradition today.

Blue Egg Starter – $75. A dozen araucana chicks and a #25 bag of chick starter feed. Children love the opportunity to see chicks born and watch them grow to adulthood to produce beautiful blue eggs.

Earth Art Program Angel – $100. Sun print paper, laminating sheets, construction paper, crayons, glue sticks.  Excellent learning opportunity for school groups.

Nighttime Wildlife Camera – $100. The Wakefield Estate is active with wildlife that includes, fox, coyote, raccoon and deer just to name a few. Capturing them on film at night will provide an important learning tool to help kids understand the environment and how these animals survive.

Animal feed – $100. Favorite student destinations at the Wakefield Estate include the chicken coop and the sheep pen. Kids have the opportunity to collect an egg from the coop, have the chance to hold a chicken and pet a sheep.

Chipper (Used) – $8,500. The removal of dead and  invasive trees from the collection and the property buffer requires a wood chipper.

Plant Material – $100-$300. The Wakefield Estate is working to add and replace plants in the collection that will provide habitat for wild life and enhance the educational value for horticulture research.

Garden Tools – $15-$100. Tools of all shapes and sizes are used in everyday maintenance of the plant collection.

Interpretive Signage – $175.  To improve the understanding of all of the unique elements of the property we are working to develop an interpretive plan. Signage will allow teachers and visitors to gain more information about the environment and the Wakefield landscape.

Large Size Ratchet Set, Tap and Die Set – $50-$100. Most of the maintenance of our equipment is done on site.  Tools are an integral part of this work.

20’ Carbide Chain Saw Blade – $125. Chainsaw work is an integral part of our maintenance work. Carbide blades are especially useful on hardwoods.

Tree Sprayer- $400.  Over the past several years. The Wakefield Estate has encountered an increasing number of invasive pests. Our goal is to use environmentally safe horticultural oils and natural bacteria to keep these insects at bay and protect our historic plant collection. 

Laptop/Printer- $1200.  Necessary for collections work.

Farm Truck (used)- $7500.  A truck is used for everything from snow plowing, pulling the chipper, spreading mulch and invasive removal. It is an integral part of maintaining the landscape and the animals.

Volunteer Opportunities- 8 hours per month. Research, Horticulture, Education, Interpretation, Wood working 


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